Smart City 2021.10.13

2020 Smart City Index Ranking


The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and International Telecommunication Union defined a “smart city” as a city that leverages information and communication technology and other emerging technologies to improve resource efficiency and to optimize urban management and services, thereby lifting the living standards of urban residents while ensuring sustainable economic, social, environmental, and cultural development of both the present and the future.

In the Smart City Index 2020 report co-published by the International Institute for Management Development and Singapore University of Technology and Design, 109 cities around the world are assessed on the factors of “Structures” and “Technology” across five key areas: health and safety, mobility, activity, opportunities (work and school), and governance. Each factor is composed of 1 to 6 sub-indicators, with a total of 39 sub-indicators. 

The top 10 cities are as follows: Singapore, Helsinki (capital and the most populated city of Finland), Zurich (capital and the most populated city of Switzerland), Auckland (the most populated city of New Zealand), Oslo (capital and the biggest city of Norway), Copenhagen (capital and the largest city of Denmark), Geneva (the second largest city of Switzerland), Taipei (capital of Taiwan), Amsterdam (capital and the largest city of the Netherlands), New York (the most populated city of the US).

Taipei is ranked eighth around the world and second in the Asia Pacific region, only after Singapore. Taipei is staying ahead of major cities in neighbouring countries, including Hong Kong (32nd), Busan(46th), Seoul (47th), Kuala Lumpur (54th), Tokyo (79th), and Osaka (80th). Taipei performed well in several indicators such as extensive free public wifi coverage, comprehensive medical services and facilities, accessible online medical appointment service, and online purchase of cultural activity tickets. Low performing indicators are traffic congestion and insufficient green spaces.