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BioMed Talent Training

Silicon Valley-Taiwan Biomedical Fellowship Program (STB Program) is a multidisciplinary training program executed by STPI, a non-profit organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Taiwan.

STB is a unique blend between the innovative Medtech culture in the Bay Area of the US and eager young scientists from Taiwan. We hope to train the next generation of medical technology innovators and create an innovative Medtech platform in Taiwan.

One of the goals is to arm these STB fellows with tools to return to Taiwan and consider starting Medtech efforts, which will be coupled with the infrastructure of manufacturing and miniaturization in Taiwan when cost reduction may be the perfect environment to surround these innovative kernels.

SPARK Program was launched in accordance with the biotechnology industry development planning. This program aims to provide assistance to those in the pharmaceutical or medical device industry who have developed potential products but are lack of initial commercial planning for entrance into the market.

The training courses designed for SPARK program include translation, medical regulation implementation, intellectual property registry, negotiation, marketing and commercialization planning.