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Issue Studies & International Observation

The primary focus of this research group is on the interplay between the development and challenges of science and technology (S&T) at the national, regional, and global levels. Its research investigations cover a wide range of critical issues, including but not limited to energy policy and technology, talent sustainability, environmental sustainability, civil engagement, and law and institutions. It actively participates in important conferences and partnership gatherings.

In the meantime, it also liaises with S&T policy networks that bring together leading scholars in the fields of S&T and innovation, research institutions, private sectors, domestic think tanks, and above all government ministries and departments.

The group is committed to producing high quality evidence-based research.
Two aims are prioritized over others:
  1. First, it aims to conduct thematic analysis of global development of S&T that is followed by recommendations about how critical and emerging issues can be tackled.
  2. Second, it, together with research communities and policy networks, contributes to broadening the horizon for S&T development and assists in evidence-informed policy-making.