Innovation-Focused Team

The Innovation-Focused Team focuses on the dynamic development of Taiwan's innovation systems and innovation ecosystems as well as the development trends of relevant policies across countries. In particular, the Team constructs an analysis framework to study innovation-related topics, including research grants, translation of institutional research, due diligence research and innovation, cluster policies, policies for innovation districts, industry-academia collaboration policies, and entrepreneurship support (such as accelerators). In addition, the Team also assists the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs) in developing mechanisms and planning the operations of smart technology innovation incubation facilities and verification sites.

By analyzing patent and bibliometric data, the Team further expands insights into the R&D collaboration and research network of specific technology domains, such as information security and pharmaceutical biotechnology, as well as the development of their ecosystems to facilitate S&T-related decision-making through empirical analyses. Moreover, the Team utilizes “iKnow”, an information-sharing platform for the technology sector, to consolidate relevant analyses and spread innovation knowledge of emerging technologies, facilitating industries, the government, and academia participating in Taiwan's innovation systems in grasping the latest trends in the sector.