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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Promotion

From IP to IPO (FITI) Program aims to strengthen the linkage between the academia and industry in Taiwan based on demands of local market and outstanding R&D outcomes accumulated in universities and research institutes.

FITI intends to enable its research capacity to be further accomplished in industry. A series of programs are strategically designed and provided for the entrepreneurs including professional training camps, mentor counseling, venture capital matchmaking, prototype supporting, fund raising and etc.

The mission of FITI is to encourage local universities and research institutes subsidized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) to push their research outcomes ahead to perform the market value, stimulate an active environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, and reestablish the foundation for sci-tech industry development in Taiwan.

In addition, FITI conducts in-depth research on innovation ecosystem and policies in order to enhance the capacity of counselling action plans. The output of these researches is also adopted by MOST and other Ministries for making appropriate sci-tech policies, hoping to advance the efficiency of the operation and development of innovation ecosystem in Taiwan.

FITI 科技大擂台
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