Team Introduction

Internet of Things Team

The principal mission of the Team includes research & analysis and promotion. In the aspect of research and analysis, the Team focues on Internet of Things (IoT) technology and promoting such activities. It conducts value-added inventory and analysis of cloud-based IoT technology while conducting global observations and industry analysis to provide value-added information that can be utilized by government ministries and agencies as well as external industrial and research organizations.

The promotion aspect of the Team’s work consists mainly of implementing the “Civil IoT Taiwan's Data Application and Industry Development Program” of the “Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program–Digital Infrastructure initiative”. We collaborate with the National Science and Technology Council, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, Academia Sinica, and other government agencies on four major areas: air quality, earthquake, water resources, and disaster response. We utilize AI-based IoT technology to implement various systems that provide smart services used by citizens in their daily activities and to assist the government and the general public in facing the challenges posed by changes in the environment.