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Patent Mapping & Information Analysis

STPI Patent Intelligence Service is consistently credited with many firsts in applying new technologies to IP analytics. We deliver competitive information for universities and private firms to understand areas of heaviest investment by competitors and partners; identify emerging opportunities, trends, and threats, along with appropriate action to be taken; effectively refine, leverage, and protect IP investment with a solid patent strategy.

We are committed to continuous innovation for delivering the very best research and services. Currently we focus on five major areas with the most strategic value and promote studies on key issues:
1. IPR Policy and Management;
2. Trends, Quality and Value Analysis;
3. Patent Landscape and Dynamics;
4. Patent Law and Litigation;
5. Standard, Patent Pool and Licensing.

We undertake major government projects to enhance brand value and visibility, including advisory work for National Intellectual Property Strategy of the Executive Yuan; large-scale research projects commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

As improved innovation requires speed and should be adjusted in accordance with what we have observed from our competitors, we also offer web-based IP and business monitoring tools. Six information platforms, including iKnow and Standard Essential Patent Database, to deliver comprehensive, online IP and business intelligence to industrial users.

We also hold courses and seminars periodically to help industrial and academic members strengthen their patent strategies and abilities to confront foreign patent litigation.