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Industry-Academic Linkage & Science Parks

To “enhance industry-academic collaboration” and “develop science parks” are the primary policy instruments of MOST to strengthen the integration of academic research with industrial development and facilitate the industrialization of research output. In order to support MOST in the process of policy making, STPI’s “Industry-Academic Linkage & Science Parks” Team focuses on the strategic research of key sci-tech industry and regional innovative development. The Team’s policy research further involves the competitiveness of Taiwan’s biotechnology industry and establishing innovative & experimental demo site to respond to demand-oriented policies.

The major achievements of the “Industry-Academic Linkage & Science Parks” Team include executing “Academia-Industry Research Alliance” (REAL) project and “the planning and promotion of strengthening innovative industry-academia collaboration and science parks in Taiwan” program. The Team also monitors global trends in innovation and development of science parks and conducts strategic analysis in order to provide the public and private sectors with timely assistance.